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Program Features

Add items to your test list quickly and easily
adding item manually
bullet By typing in the English and Chinese.
bullet By choosing a result from the Dictionary Search.
bullet By importing Vocab Packs.
bullet From other compatible programs.
Daily Testing
test showing answer
bullet Tests English to Chinese and Chinese to English.
bullet Customizable test scheduling.
bullet Enter characters or just pinyin - beginner friendly.
bullet Traditional or simplified chararacter modes.
bullet Automatic vocab review after three months.
bullet Customizable or randomized fonts.
bullet One click image search.
dictionary search with color-coded results
bullet Includes the 100,000 + item community maintained and contually updated CC-CEDICT Chinese/English dictionary.
bullet Super fast XML based search.
bullet Add items to your test list with a single click.
bullet Search for characters, pinyin or English.
bullet Recursive search, Image search etc.
bullet Color-coded results show all matches.
bullet Roll your own updated dictionary whenever you like.
Dictionary Search Count Feature
dictionary search count feature

Do you ever have to limit your reading because you are overwhelmed by new vocabularay? Character Mine keeps track of the number of times you search the dictionary for an item even if you don't add it to your test list. This way you can identify the high frequency vocabulary that is really worth memorizing.

Match Panel
recursive search for matching items in the Match Panel
bullet See how each item fits into your growing knowledge matrix.
bullet Infinite recursive drill down.
bullet Available in every major screen of the program.
Helpful Context Menus
helpful context menus
bullet Available on all program screens.
Practise writing the characters in Skritter Scratchpad
Skritter Scratchpad
All users:
bullet Send any characters straight to Skritter Scratchpad with a single click.
bullet Practise writing the character with your mouse or graphics tablet.
bullet Learn the correct stroke order for any character.
bullet Study the different elements that make up the character.

Skritter account holders:
bullet Fully master the character by adding it to your Skritter test lists.
bullet Make your character learning and your vocab building mutually reinforcing.
Compatible with Dropbox and Other Backup/File Share Solutions
Dropbox Compatible
bullet Change the default data folder to any folder on your network.
bullet Easily share data between your devices without hassle.
Complete selection of program options
program options