The features described on this page are all available in the free version of the program.

Flash-card Testing:

  • Test Chinese to English and English to Chinese
  • Load up tests based on Categories
  • Automatic review of learned items
  • Use preferred or random test fonts
  • Listen to each answer as you review it
  • Easily add example sentences for any item by typing or dragging and dropping
  • Create unlimited word categories and associate items with any number of them

Character Testing:

  • Test based on characters, not words - don't waste time transcribing characters you already know
  • Complete control over retest schedule: buttons to indicate general confidence level and specific retest schedule
  • Customize your writing brush
  • Fast-track items for character testing from anywhere in the program

Review Testing:

  • Hone your speed-reading while you review characters you have already learned
  • Customizable "flash" speed
  • Automatically loads items based on your vocab and character testing

Tone Testing:

  • Developed from the popular Mǎ or Mà website
  • Over 2,500 multiple-choice minimal-pair drills
  • Quickly review examples of troublesome tone combinations
  • Bookmark difficult combinations for further review


  • The dictionary shows definitions from the community-maintained CC-Edict Dictionary as well as matching items from your own vocabulary store
  • Keeps track of how many times you have searched for a word even if you don't add it - very useful for identifying high-frequency vocabulary
  • Search for words by typing the English or Chinese or by drawing the character freehand


  • Can be used with simplified or traditional characters
  • Automatic cloud backup to share your data between computers
  • Statistics module to help track your progress
  • Add new items from a wide range of sources:
  • - Manually add items by typing them in
  • - Download lists from our website including all HSK study lists and lists shared by other users
  • - Import your existing data from other compatible programs
  • Teachers: create study lists that can be downloaded by your students
  • Match Panel with recursive drill-down: available in every screen of the program, enables you to explore all the interconnections between the characters you are learning