Complete Chinese Study Software for Windows

  • Immersive flash-card testing and review
  • Mouse or stylus-based character practice
  • Over 2,500 tone-pair drills
  • 120.000 word dictionary
  • Freehand dictionary search mode
  • Comprehensive stats and progress module

Character Mine is a Windows desktop flash-card program that has been in continuous development since its first publication in 2008. Now it has been upgraded to include a desktop version of the popular tone practice website Mǎ or Mà, a character practice module that integrates fully with the rest of the program, and a modern, tablet-friendly interface.

It is available on an unlimited, free-trial basis.

Flash Card Testing
Comprehensive two-way testing

Flash-card testing with automated revision program and stats module to measure your progress.

Tone Testing
Hone your listening skills

Developed from the popular Mǎ or Mà website with over 2,500 minimal pair-based multiple choice questions.

Writing Practice
Mouse or Stylus

Integrate your character practice with your ongoing flashcard testing. Practice based on characters not words with complete control over retests.