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Download Details:

All the downloadable files have been digitally signed by Richard Jefferies, the program's author.

Installation is via the Windows Installer, so the program can be easily removed from the system if you decide not to keep it.

Character Mine Setup (web installation) 432 kb Updated 2016-11-01
Character Mine Setup (zip files) 15,926 kb Updated 2016-11-01
Help File 346 kb Updated 2012-06-28
Dictionary 5,002 kb Updated 2016-11-01

Alternative Download Source:

If the link above is slow or unresponsive you can download the file from the CNET shareware site. There is normally a delay of a few days between a new version of the program being released and the program being published on CNET.

Get it from CNET!

Current version:
CNET version:

What is new in version 5.8

Added a back-up tool.

Lets you add new items without testing on them.

Lets you view edit history.

Various minor bug fixes and improvements.

Update (executable and config files only) 1,497 kb Updated 2016-11-01